Kendell Geers and Bili Bidjocka
Heart of Darkness 1998
Detail of installation at the
Grahamstown festival
See ArtThrob 11


From: Nat Foreman, Phaidon Press

Subject: Kendell Geers and Bili Bidjocka

I am e-mailing you from the marketing department of Phaidon Press in London. I wonder if you can help me - I am trying to find the start and end dates of an exhibition of work by Kendell Geers and Bili Bidjocka at the Goodman Gallery in Sandton. As you may know, Phaidon Press publishes books and videos on fine art, contemporary art, architecture, design and music. We like to keep ourselves informed about developments in the world of contemporary art and media, and so I am making a database of exhibitions and exhibition spaces internationally, especially ones that have a connection with our books. Your website is of great interest and help in understanding current activities in the arts in South Africa, for which many thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

- The Goodman Gallery informs us that the Geers/Bidjocka show has been postponed and a new date has not yet been set. And thank you for the information about Phaidon.

From: Niel Jonker

Subject: São Paulo Bienal

Please reply asap if you have e-mail/website/fax for the São Paulo Bienal. If you have not, please provide dates. Planning trip to Brazil and all info will be greatly valued.

- The previous São Paulo Bienal is well covered with an official website, but there is nothing there on the 24th Bienal yet. The duration of the exhibition is October 2 to December 13. See News for more info and a map of the grounds.

From: Debby West, Cape Technikon

Subject: Getting connected

Thanks for filling the huge hole that no print journal or TV programme seems to be able to sustain, in giving news and commentary on art and artists in SA, and for doing it in such style - informed and chatty an' all. I like your page designs of text and pics - quick scans till one dives in ... and it's wonderful to see what's being done elsewhere.

I'd like to sign up for a notification when a new issue is sent to the newsstand.


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