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New art mag for Durban

The NSA in Durban has launched its own art magazine, called NEWsART, and is offering it to members free of charge. The flier promises: 12 pages full colour; cutting-edge design; intelligent articles contextualising creative in/output. Copies can be collected from the NSA Gallery or Shop at 166 Bulwer Road. More info, phone Bren or Gloria at (031) 22-3686.

From: Sergey Skidan, art director

Subject: Ukrainian ad agency interesting in co-operation

I represent advertising agency Colorit, that is situated in Nikopol (Dniepropetrovsk region, eastern part of Ukraine). We are co-operating with talented photographers and artists who live in Ukraine. We consider that a great number of them are really talented, but, to our regret, the economical situation that formed in Ukraine after break-out of the former USSR doesn't let visual arts develop and prosper.

It's a great pity but there are no photomagazines in our country. There is a total absence of contests and photosalons. Photography, as a kind of arts, isn't interesting for mere mortals. Too many photographers have to change their job - they can not make ends meet, they have families and children. Photographers have to find opportunities just to earn money, they don't have time to think about their calling.

I don't want to look like an impolite person, but I think that according to what I have seen till nowadays, there is something special in the works of Ukrainian masters, that doesn't fit the usual image of world photography. It seems to me, that it is more attractive for spectator, when he observes not just a usual nice picture, but the image that makes him think and that touches his emotions - all the features that are present in the Ukranian photography.

I'd like to ask you to write me a little about your company, what kind of business you are in and whether you are interested in photos by Ukrainian art photographers for publication. In the case you are not dealing with things like above mentioned photos, maybe it is possible for you to pass my letter to your colleagues and partners, who may pay attention to this proposal. Maybe you can advise me on some addresses of companies (publishing houses, publishers of calendars, posters, ad agencies).

I should thank you for reading this letter and I hope for future mutual co-operation.

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