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From: Gwendolyn Meyer

Subject: ArtThrob

As a South African viewer in the US I would love to see at least one of the Brett Murray pieces from his intriguing sounding exhibit Own on the ArtThrob web page. Thanx.

- Check this month's Artbio.

From: Terry Leggo

Subject: ArtThrob

I found your site informative and entertaining - also found the links good. Pity its whole slant perpetuates the hegemonic domination of mainstream South African art by self-congratulatory, self-appointed, just plain anal academic custodians. How many megabytes do your collective egos take up?

- Plenty. And yours? And who would you suggest should appoint writers on South African art for the web? Seriously, it's true that ArtThrob does unashamedly cover only what it considers to be interesting contemporary art in this column. Other sites with other viewpoints would expand the debate.

From: Tas Freiman

Subject: The Processed Image: Video Art in South Africa

Robert Weineck is doing great putting out these tapes on video art in South Africa, but I would like to know what happened to an artist that was exhibiting this type of work in 1992 and that Robert himself showed that year at the then Fig Gallery in Jhb, along with screen prints by Jann Cheifitz. The artist was Willie Saayman and the work surely deserves a mention. They were computer animations with beautiful soundtracks and selected frames from the videos had been printed out and framed. The work provoked thought and sent my mind reeling. I have not experienced anything like it since.

I have tried to find out more of his whereabouts, but to no avail. The National Gallery in Cape Town has a video piece, An Evening's Viewing, in its permanent collection (it is not as good as the work from the Fig show), but in their listing of artists (under his name) there is no info regarding exhibitions, collections, etc.

So, where is this guy? My kid loves to sit and watch the Fig tape, in fact he requests it: "The one with fish and the train, Mama!" Not only would I love to purchase a new copy, if he has done more work I would love to see it. I would appreciate any information regarding this artist; a small obsession has set in, I'm afraid.

- Would anyone believe that right after I read this e-mail, I opened the next, and it said this:

From: Willie Saayman

Subject: For Sue Williamson

I hope this finds you well, I haven't seen you for a number of years, but I hope you'll remember me, Willie Saayman. I'm still living in Johannesburg. I think your site is simply beautiful and a really good resource. A necessary thing.

I need some help, please. As you know, I haven't shown new work for the last five years, but will be showing three new pieces at Area in Cape Town from September 20. The question I have is this: I have completed five more video works (a continuation of my 'Travel Series') and would like to know if you have any suggestions as to where I could show them. I would appreciate it if you could give me some suggestions, I've been out of touch for a bit too long.

Thank you very much.

From: Kerry-Lynn Goldberg

Subject: Stunning site

Thrilled to come across this site. I'm an English teacher and we are currently doing a module on District 6 with our Grade 10 classes. Very interested to download the District Six Sculpture Festival. Keep up the good work!

From: Elizabeth Berns

Subject: Claude van Lingen

I've been away from SA for quite a while and am trying to find out what has happened to artist Claude van Lingen. The last I heard of him, he was living in Greenwich Village in New York. I vaguely remember that he was painting some unusual type of full-body portrait of a person - I had seen this in SA in a newspaper review some years ago. He was extremely experimental and I found his work very interesting and would appreciate any information you could send to me. We are enjoying the ArtThrob articles and reviews. Looking forward to hearing from you

- Can anybody help?

From: Glenn Griffin

Subject: exchange

Hello. I am interested in the art and music scene of South Africa. I am especially interested in what is going on in Johannesburg. I would like to exchange music and magazines from my city (Los Angeles, USA) in exchange for similar items from South Africa. I like all forms of music and art. However, my favorite types of music are punk, rap and industrial. Please contact me at ______@yahoo.com.

From: Mark & Sharon J Hebel

Subject: Standard Bank National Arts Festival

I thought you mentioned in your last issue that you were going to have a review of the Standard Bank National Arts Festival.

- You were right. ArtThrob did say there would be coverage on the Grahamstown Festival in August. This was a mistake - the note at the bottom of the July contents page should have read: Next month: Focus on the Vita Awards. Sorry about that. Basically, we try to cover what is current. For instance, the festival shows 'Bringing up Baby' and the Kendell Geers/Bili Bidjocka installation will each receive fresh coverage as they move to new venues.

From: Catharina Weinek

Subject: Please update

Please, is it possible to be notified about updates of the web site?

- Certainly. Your name will be placed on the list of viewers who have asked to be notified as soon as the new ArtThrob goes up each month.


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