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Jane Alexander
The Butcher Boys

Place your mouse cursor over the picture;
right click and hold the button down.
If you drag your mouse to the left or
right you will get a full-circle view
of the sculpture

Photographs by Peter Hart Davis,
courtesy of the SANG website


Cape Town Museums Online

The museums of Cape Town now have their own website - perfect for visitors to the city in cyberspace or otherwise to find out what's going on. There's the District 6 Museum, the Mayibuye Centre, the Michaelis Collection, the Robben Island Museum, the South African Cultural History Museum, the South African National Gallery, the William Fehr Collection at the Cape Town Castle, the South African Museum and the Bo-Kaap Museum, plus a number of smaller ones.

Having applauded the general initiative, a revisit to the SANG site left a feeling that much more work needs to be done. Clicking on to "Collection" simply gave details of the collection policy, rather than what the contents of the collection is. Trying to find out which artists are in the collection was another puzzle. But it's a start.

If you enjoyed Night and Day on this month's project page, you might like to try out a couple of the other truly wondrous projects on this site. Breathing Earth, for instance, is a visualisation of earthquakes that have happened worldwide in the past 14 days. A globe with a map of the world comes into view, and on each of the 14 dates, swellings bubble up indicating the location of the seismic activities. Other projects involve the number of kilometres the world has swung round the sun while you have been busy on the website, and the sounds of the web itself.

Other locally related links fr-fineart_listings.htm
Luckily you can click through to the mega address of the Electronic Mail & Guardian's fine arts page, or you might pass up this extremely useful and concise listing of all the current visual art activity across the country.
Winner of the Arts and Culture Trust Award for best electronic media, when this fledgling site fulfils its aim of providing a comprehensive resource on all aspects of culture in the country, it will be truly valuable. The visual arts side needs serious attention. In the meantime, there's lots of info, particularly on the performing arts, and many connections to be made.
Launched into cyberspace by Argentinian artist Pat Binder and Berlin curator Gerard Haupt, this excellent site focuses sharply on the arts and major art events of Africa, Asia/Pacific and the Americas, countries now emerging into the art world spotlight.
An online road trip by Paul and Charity, recently in South Africa, in which they meet artists of many persuasions, interview them and record their work.
Johannesburg's top gallery has recently revamped its site, making access to its information on many of the country's top artists more accessible
Cape Town's new-on-the-scene Lipschitz Gallery with news of recent exhibitions. The gallery will arrange tours of local artists' studios for visitors.


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