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Artists' Studios: Jake Aikman

By Staff Writer on 05 November

Jake Aikman's Studio

Jake Aikman
Jake Aikman's Studio, 2013. Photograph

Jake Aikman is a Cape Town based artist with a studio on the outskirts of the city center. His most recent exhibition, At the Quiet Limit, took place at SMAC Gallery in 2013.

Art Throb: When did you move into your studio?

Jake Aikman: 3 years ago.

AT: In what way have you changed it since you arrived?

JA: It was an office space consisting of dry-walled cubicles. It was a creamy pumpkin colour. The offices were removed and a single display wall that divides the space was built instead. Obviously it's been painted. Lights and blinds were added too.

AT: What is its best feature?

JA: Its views. An uninterrupted view of the city meeting Table Mountain from the south-facing windows, and on the opposite side I can keep an eye on Lions Head.

AT: What is the most utilized non-art object in it?

JA: The fridge.

AT: How many hours a day on average do you spend in it and doing what?

JA: 0-15 hours. Depends how close the next exhibition is. Mostly painting, with coffee breaks staring out the window.

AT: If you had to share it who would you want to share it with?

JA: A lazy dog with a remarkably strong bladder.

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