Rubixcube Gallery

Imago Mundi

Frederick Clarke
Imago Mundi, Invitation Image ,


264 Fox Street, Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg, 2096




Dirk Bahmann, Carly Whitaker and Frederick Clarke at Rubixcube Gallery

"An unsung land is a dead land” Bruce Chatwin.

'Imago Mundi' is a group exhibition showcasing the work of Dirk Bahmann, Fred Clarke and
Carly Whitaker. This exhibition of lightboxes engages with individual and universal concepts
of dwelling, natural cycles and the unseen.

'Imago Mundi' refers to an idealised image or representation of the world. It traditionally
implies a representation of the cosmos on the ground. The exhibition exists in a darkened
space, responding to the idea of a dark cosmos holding light and life, expressed on the

Johannesburg, since its inception, has rarely been conceived of, or understood as, a place in
which to ‘dwell’. ‘Dwelling’ suggests something far greater than just living somewhere; it is an
understanding of the existential dimensions of a specific landscape.
‘Dwelling’ enables one to identify with the character of a place; to draw meaning from it and
to experience a deep sense of rootedness within it.

Imago Mundi is an existential enquiry that explores and questions 'place' in this city and
world; a search for the essence of life in Johannesburg and natural flux. Each artist interprets
their inner and outer worlds, in quintessential ways, all working with light as a medium.

Light is intrinsic to the human experience. We reflect, refract, project, and capture light. It is a
medium that is universal and omnipresent, defining darkness and revealing life.

Photosynthesis is the cornerstone of terrestrial life, plants being the photo-alchemists that
channel and convert light into matter. More so, they regulate and balance the atmosphere,
which is directly linked to human activity, specifically carbon emission.

The same coding of life writes both the micro and macro, linking to the fundamental presence
of light and heat in a cold dark Universe. The essence of light remains a mystery, as does

30 October 2014 - 30 November 2014