Security Building

2nd Floor

Phillip Raiford Johnson
2nd Floor, ,


95 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg

Hours: By appointment


Unknown Artist at Security Building

This is a cloak-and-dagger style independent exhibition instigated and executed by a group of young artists whose mission is to take advantage of Johannesburg's abandoned architectural gems. The exhibition, which features drawings, prints, installation and text works, occupies the second floor of the old Security Building and is open for one night only on November 28, from 6pm.

Participating artists:

Alexander Opper, Phillip Raiford Johnson, Dan Halter, Niall Bingham, Jack Frenkel, Norman de Ploem, Rodan Kane Hart, Murray Kruger, Thomas Chapman, Quinten Davies and Dan Mare.

28 November 2009 - 28 November 2009