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Portia Zvavahera at Various venues around Poznan

'Shifting Africa', another segment of Mediations Biennale 2014, is an exhibition designed in cooperation with the Art Association Kunsthalle Hannover under the watchful eye of the main curator Harro Schmidt.
The goal of the exposition is to shed light on the contributions of around 20 artists from the African continent.??Interaction with viewers is realized using artistic means which contextualize the phenomena of the post-globalistic world, taking Africa as the example, and complementing the geographical aspect with the perspective of artists residing in Europe, especially in the German city of Hannover, the twin city of Poznan.

The exhibition is an attempt at answering questions of what does Africa aspire to and where is it drifting to among hegemonic and multilateral currents?

The 'Shifting Africa' project poses questions and tries to visualize correlations in search for answers concerning the impact that socio-political circumstances and economic structures have on the search for artistic identity, cultural heritage and the ever so important feel of belonging.

Special emphasis is also put on such aspects as rituals, gender, environment, climate change, natural resources and recycling, all of which are being reflected in painting, instalations, video, photography and performance.

You will be able to view the 'Shifting Africa' exhibition at the Jesuit Gallery, Poznan Bazar and in public space. The Black.Light project, which is a part of the exposition, will be the topic of our next post.

21 September 2014 - 26 October 2014